Renovation Update: Weeks 6-7

The big news out at the farm this week is the foundation on the house. In 6 days of work, the foundation people have already demolished the old foundation, leveled up the house, dug out the area for the new foundation (which is digging down and out to expand the foundation to cover the whole house), and poured the walls. So the house is now sitting on new walls.

Here are some photos of the foundation work in progress.

3 thoughts on “Renovation Update: Weeks 6-7

  1. Your house and family posts are very interesting to me, thanks.
    The Grandpa you guys bowled with owned the farm you bought, right? He had good form, probably he was a good bowler.
    Thanks too, for telling about your brother. It is nice that he is going into the ministry and has started preaching. I wonder if he felt a little scary on that first sermon. He sure was enjoying those stilts.
    He makes me think of David Phillips, a young minister, a youth minister, who was killed in an accident near Fort Worth. There was winter ice storm and he lost control of his pickup.
    His last sermon that he didn’t get to preach is on his blog,
    That basement/foundation went up fast!

  2. I looked thru the pics with interest but I have a question. Do you have at least $1000 saved up for this project? These guys might charge you a lot of money for that.
    Neat old photo’s John. Thanks! Great posts.

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