Renovation: Weeks 8-9

We’ve been very busy lately, so I’m a bit behind on renovation updates.

I’ve posted the photos for weeks 8 and 9. The new kitchen is starting to take shape!

We’re also going to get a nice heating/air system. My great uncle, who is doing that work for us, came up with a 3-zone system. We’ll have one furnace & AC, but three temperature sensors. There will be motorized dampers in the ducts that are controlled by that system, so we can direct hot or cold air only where it needs to be. We’ll break even on it now because we can make do with a smaller AC and furnace, and will save money over the long run due to lower utility bills.

We also learned that the wood floors in pretty much the entire house can be saved, so that’ll be nice, too.

Here’s a sample:

Click here for the rest.

3 thoughts on “Renovation: Weeks 8-9

  1. Your are going to have a real peaceful view out both the front and back. Will get you in the day dreaming mood real quick!

  2. I love the project and will take your word on the fact that this won’t cost more that building a new one. But then I guess a new one wouldn’t have been Grandpa’s house. Waiting to see more pics.
    We’ve had a little rain. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had nearly 3.8″ and then another 1.8 night before last. We’re catching up but even the 1.8 didn’t sit on top of the ground so it’s still all soaking in.

  3. It’s the same here on the rain, though we’ve had less than you recently. Our creek is dry for only the second time in the last few decades, so rain would be really great.

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