Bicycling to Work Update

Back in May, I wrote about starting to bicycle to work. My plan was to do that 3 days a week. My ride is 10 miles each way, with the first 2.3 miles on dirt, gravel, and sand roads.

It’s been going well. Yesterday was the first day that the ride really felt easy. It’s been getting more and more fun, too.

And I’ve been getting faster. My worst time lately was 49 minutes, also yesterday morning. I really was riding slower than I felt normal, just taking it easy. But I had a headwind, and when I started my normal time in calm conditions was 60 minutes or more. That’s almost a 20% improvement already.

Due to vacations, holidays, and weather, I haven’t been able to average 3 days a week. When it’s raining, or has rained recently, our roads get muddy and pretty much impassible on bicycle. Though some days, my ride is 2 miles longer because the short route is too muddy but the long route isn’t.

So, overall, I’ve been enjoying bicycling, and plan to keep doing it.

10 thoughts on “Bicycling to Work Update

  1. Your earlier post inspired me and I too travel occasionally to office on bicycle. However, I could not manage it regularly – I had to travel abroad briefly and there were rains. I sometimes succumbed to the pressure of deadlines at work. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic experience on the whole. A paradigm shift, the extent of which I cannot really explain.
    Thank you.

      1. he didn’t tell anyone – I didn’t find out until about a year ago. God must have needed help installing Linux. The company he started when he left Quovix is now 130 people and just bought their own downtown building. I think the entire Wabash alumni body attended the funeral. Andy was there too. Take care,

  2. John, Keep it up. You’re right: it’s fun. I don’t ride a bike, I walk. I’m on course to complete 150 miles this month for the first time in two years. I’m already feeling good about how good it’s going to feel. I’ll let you know.

    Paul Nichols

  3. 10 miles eh? I didn’t know they put motors on bicyles now. You are using a motor aren’t you?
    Good on you John. I hope you don’t get caught in one of those fast moving Kansas t storms.
    btw I’ve been having a little trouble with my kernels also. I think there might be some bugs in with them.

  4. Oh, I was crossing my fingers that Cliff would comment on the kernels!

    Every time I plan to ride to work it either rains or I have a meeting near the airport or something. I laid out my helmet and clothes to ride tomorrow and then got a phone call asking me to bring two card tables to work…maybe Thursday.

    Great photos and Blogstock coverage.

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