First 2 Days of OSCon

I’m really enjoying OSCon this year. I’ve been here two days and just Tuesday afternoon actually went to what I had planned to go to. There’s an XMPP summit here (wasn’t on the schedule), and I dropped in there a few times. Got one of the XMPP developers to look at my system and figure out why Empathy isn’t doing video chat with the N810 right.

Had an OSCon moment yesterday. I was sitting at a table with my laptop, trying to meet up with someone I had only met online before. We were chatting over Jabber. And I realized that person was about 20 feet away. This pattern has repeated itself several times now.

We went to McCormick and Schmick’s for dinner. Great seafood and everybody there seemed to really enjoy Jacob too.

The People for Geeks talk was fun. They talked about how geeks tend to apply the tact filter in input, and everybody else on the output, which causes frustration for everyone. Though somebody in the audience asked why that applies to computer geeks but not theater geeks — an interesting question, and one I wish they had probed a bit more.

I keep running in to interesting people here. One day I was talking to someone about alternatives to cfengine (he suggested parrot). This morning I was talking to someone that works for IBM, who is involved with their project to convert desktop machines to Linux and was interested in how we fared. I’ve met several people that spot my Haskell ribbon and are interested. One of them told me at breakfast that he heard there is this new Haskell book coming out that’s about using Haskell in the real world. Another OSCON momemt when I told him I’m one of the authors of that book. The surprise was fun.

Damian Conway had a great talk Monday night on “how to give a great OSCON talk.” I haven’t found his slides anywhere.

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