Clinton Voters on Barack Obama

Some TV network did some interviews with West Virginia voters at the time of their primary. The Daily Showpicked up on it (click link for video). Among the comments:

“I guess because he is another race. I’m sort of scared of theother race because we have so much conflict with them.”

“He’s Muslim and that has a lot to do with it.”

“I don’t like the Hussein thing. I’ve had enough of Hussein.”

The segment on this starts at 1:03 into the video, and the comments start at 1:45.

By the way, if you think Obama is Muslim, check out (Though it won’t comment on the separate question of why it matters).


8 thoughts on “Clinton Voters on Barack Obama

  1. Sam says:

    All this guy talks about is getting the government involved with everything and raising taxes. There used to be a time when people would scream bloody murder over this but I guess times have changed *cough communism* He openly stated that he was going to spend millions on running broadband internet lines into rural towns. Now tell me, if there was a market for this don’t you think at&t or time warner would have already done this? And if the government does pay for it, who will pay for the up keep, and which private company will be favored to provide the service? This is just one example of why the government needs to stay the heck out of our lives and our private companies.

    Oh and he may not be muslim but he was raised one. And the church that he attended is anti American, anti government, racist, and openly states that the aids virus was invented to kill black people.

    Democrats, taking the working mans money and giving it to those that don’t work.

    Looks like you got a real winner.

    Besides “change” what is it that you people see in this guy?

    1. Jon says:

      Since the ‘net is supplanting other services such as ways to pay bills, libraries, etc., “is there a commercial market” is not the argument used in favour of providing net access to rural areas.

    2. John Goerzen says:

      We have electricity at our house thanks to the forward thinking of the federal government when it created the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) decades ago. That and the efforts of people in our area to organize an electric cooperative.

      Phone service at this location exists because local people wanted it, even though Ma Bell didn’t pay for it.

      As Jon said, Internet access is becoming a basic utility. Without it, people in poor rural areas won’t have any way to better themselves or their lives. After all, if job postings continue moving online to sites that require broadband, how are they to find a job?

      The way this was done in the past, as with REA, was, I believe, providing support and grants to non-profit cooperatives (organizations in which the people that pay for service are shareholders).

      I don’t think that there’s anybody out there that agrees 100% with what a pastor says, and Obama has said that he doesn’t agree at all with the things you refer to. It is plainly obvious that he doesn’t, in fact.

      So here’s the change factor. One clear example is who he is consulting on intellectual property issues.

      It’s Lawrence Lessig, who has long worked to improve consumers’ rights to use material. Clinton has been on the record supporting restricting consumers’ rights over and over (McCain too). This sort of attitude seems to permeate the Obama campaign; he is all about improving things for individuals.

  2. Np237 says:

    And if you interviewed Obama voters about Clinton, you would find many to explain they don’t want to vote for a woman.

    News@11: people are stupid.

    The muslim thing is very funny, still, considering the scary thing about Obama, seen from alien countries, is his infamous bigotry.

    1. Creighton Hogg says:

      For his bigotry being infamous, I haven’t heard a lot about it. Source?

  3. Maxim Khailo says:

    My biggest gripe with Obama (I have serious gripes with Hillary and McCain too) is that he wants to INCREASE the size of the military and talks about everything being on the table with respect to Iran. His militarism is just disgusting.

    1. John Goerzen says:

      Where did you get that? From what I know of him, he wants to reduce it, which is a good thing. I can’t find any direct information either way on his website, though.

  4. Azrael Nightwalker says:

    His real name is Baraka Osama.

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