My new podcast: The Sound of History

Well, it’s finally time to announce my new podcast, Sound of History!

The Sound of History is a weekly podcast featuring full-length, unedited, and uncut historic audio. You’ll hear speeches, broadcasts, and events from around the world. Sometimes you’ll hear famous people, sometimes not.

Episode 1 is up now. On this episode, you’ll find John F. Kennedy cracking jokes about Marx in front of a bunch of newspaper publishers, Ronald Reagan talking about the Challenger, some blues from 1922, and an Edison recording from 1902.

Thanks to Cliff for mentioning that Reagan speech in a comment. That prompted me to go find it.

I’m finding material for this podcast from around the Internet. Some of that music comes from, and there are various sources for presidential speeches.

I’d like to find some British prime minister’s speeches as well, but I’m having difficulty with that. If any of you Brits reading this know of a good site for uncut audio, accessible to Americans, please do let me know.

4 thoughts on “My new podcast: The Sound of History

    1. I’m proud of what I did there. For those of you that don’t know, Debian’s Social Contract has said that Debian itself is 100% Free Software, but that the Debian FTP site may contain the non-free area that is distributed by Debian the organization but not part of Debian the distribution.

      I believed at the time, and still do today, that Debian is a Free Software organization and should do the ethical thing and not distribute non-free software from its servers. I believed then, and continue to believe today, that depriving users of software from being able to access the source code in a Free manner is unethical and reduces utility. I proposed a general resolution back then to cause Debian to conform to that.

      The particular GR was never voted on due to issues with the voting mechanism if I remember correctly, but a similar one was defeated later. So I have not brought it up again recently, although I continue to believe that the ethical thing is to not distribute non-free software from Debian for the reasons outlined at the above URL.

      That said, neither that thread, nor this podcast, are about my communication skills (or lack thereof). While we might comment about Kennedy or Reagan’s oratory, or people may legitimately have a complaint with how I handle the podcast, something I was involved in with Debian 5.5 years ago isn’t really germane to this post. The podcast isn’t about me; it’s about moments in history. (Some podcasts are about their hosts and that’s fine too. This one isn’t. I’m not nearly that interesting.)

      1. A pride equaling, I’m sure, as that of your actions, behavior, communication (or lack of) towards those who have gotten you where you are today.

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