Cliff, This Link’s For You

I haven’t had a chance to check this out much yet, but it sounds interesting, and I think Cliff would love it:

The Fray is a site where people tell stories and others comment on those stories, and once a year there are worldwide gatherings to do open-mic storytelling live. (from a post on the Creative Commons blog)

UPDATE: I should have linked directly to the audio archive, which looks like the really interesting part of the site, and the one that CC linked to.

2 thoughts on “Cliff, This Link’s For You

  1. I used to read the Fray years ago. Unfortunately the site seems to be inactive; the main stories are from 2003 or earlier, and the news listings stop about a year ago.

    1. I probably should have included the direct link to their audio archive, which was why they got listed on the CC blog. It does look a little dated, but I hope to find some fun things there anyway.

      So anyway Cliff, if this link turns out to be a dud, I promise to find a better one for you sometime ;-)

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