Selling my Zaurus

June 12th, 2005

I’m paying for part of my recent tablet PC purchase by selling my Zaurus SL-c760 PDA. It’s a nice unit with a 640×480 screen (I even had a Debian chroot on it!), but I think the tablet PC is more what I need these days.

So, in shameless plug mode, here are links to the eBay pages for the unit and accessories: Zaurus, Wifi CF card, CF modem, 512MB SD card.

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  1. Sam

    Hope the Zaurus finds a nice new home! Lovely Device.


    jgoerzen Reply:

    I hope so too. It’s the smallest Linux device I’ve ever owned, and if I ever go back to using a PDA, I think I’d go with a Zaurus again.

    I spend most of my time at a desk, and with the tablet PC, I’ll have that with me the remainder of the time, so I just don’t need a PDA anymore.


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