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Mail Server Comparison

After my mail reader comparison, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few mail server troubles. So here, to help you with your mail server decisions, is my mail server comparison.

  • Postfix: Your mail can now have the distinction of being deleted by 53 individual subservers
  • Sendmail: Priority treatment if you can write, while holding down your Shift key, an m4 macro to calculate the airspeed velicoty of an unladen swallow. All other messages will be summarily deleted in 6-8 weeks, or whenever the queue daemon catches up, whichever is later
  • Exim: Conveniently marks every message as “unrouteable” to reduce the hassle of making up reasons to bounce mail
  • Courier: Promptly delivers, but then quickly hides, all mail
  • Qmail: Might actually receive mail from DJB. The rest of the world will receive rude, copyrighted bounce messages.
  • Exchange: Storing mail is irrelevant since the server isn’t up often enough to actually receive any. This server is also perfectly secure unless it is running.