Find A Job By Blogging?

One year ago, I noted the Quovix experiment to find candidates for a job by blogging. That experiment didn’t work out.

This year, they tried it again. This time Quovix CEO Marty Morrow reports Blogging beats for job posting. He lists some benefits, which center around greater interaction and ability to learn about what makes potential employees tick (and the ability to learn what makes potential employers tick).

Meanwhile, Dan is going the other way: he’s blogging to find employment.

Maybe someone should write something to match up the Martys and the Dans… but then we already have, right?

Does the whole thing stop working if “everybody” starts doing it, because then you have all the riff-raff too? Or does that just make it better, because the social network is larger?

2 thoughts on “Find A Job By Blogging?

  1. yes we have but, as I mentioned, blogging works better. IMO, what we need is an RSS/atom feed tailored to job openings
    and job candidates. job seekers could aggregate job openings from companies they want to subscribe to and employers could
    get feeds from bloggers looking for work.

  2. That does sound nice. Sort of a with a RSS feed, tailored to a few specific topics.

    I wonder what else could fit that model. It seems like something like matching hardware buyers with sellers wouldn’t work — the “higher bandwidth” of blogging wouldn’t really provide an advantage over ebay there.

    Maybe other job opening-related activities… architects and general contractors? Actors and directors? Programmers and companies looking for contract developers? (Nah, I see no relevance there… <grin>)

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