How to fix “fstrim: Operation not supported” under KVM?

Maybe someone out there will have some ideas.

I have a KVM host running wheezy, with wheezy-backports versions of libvirt and qemu. I have defined a guest, properly set discard=unmap in the domain XML file for it, verified that’s being passed to the guest, but TRIM/DISCARD is just not working.

Mounting the ext4 filesystem with discard has no effect, and fstrim / always reports:

fstrim: /: FITRIM ioctl failed: Operation not supported

Every single time.

I’ve tried with the virtio, IDE, and SCSI (both default and virtio-scsi) backend drivers. The guest is also running wheezy (i386 version; the host is amd64) and I’ve tried the latest 3.12 backported kernel for it. No dice.

If I shut down the VM and mount the filesystem on the host, fstrim works fine.

Everything says this should work. But it doesn’t.

Any ideas?

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  1. I may have found part of the answer…

    virsh edit the domain. At the tag at the top, add xmlns:qemu=’′

    Then, add lines like:

    qemu:arg value='-set'/>
    qemu:arg value='device.scsi0-0-0-0.discard_granularity=4096'/>
    qemu:arg value='-set'/>
    qemu:arg value='device.scsi0-0-1-0.discard_granularity=4096'/>

    (adding appropriate characters to make it work)

  2. Umh, I think it will take a while before you can do this. TRIM is offered by specific hardware controllers, that is, by Flash-based media. What you see inside your KVM is an idealized block device, which can be backed on any kind of media — And to be able ot implement TRIM, KVM would have to be sure that the underlying structure also supports it :-(

    You could try doing a device pass-through, completely disregarding it from your host system… Although I really don’t know if there’s support for doing so.

  3. I’m running CentOS 6 and so far have been completely unsuccessful in getting KVM to pass the discard=’on’ option for the disk. I’ve upgraded qemu and libvirt to their latest versions from source, and even compiled a newer kernel ( I’ll virsh edit the guest, insert discard=’on’ in the driver definition, save/quit, but the option doesn’t stick in the XML (I’ll virsh edit again and the edit I made is gone)

    Any ideas?

  4. Hey,
    1) under write something like:
    2) ensure that you are using a “TRIM friendly controller”. For instance: virtio-scsi (not the normal virtio) or ide.

    That should do it! Good luck :o)

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