A Wasilla Resident Writes about Sarah Palin

There is a very interesting email that’s been getting attention, written by a resident of Wasilla, AK, Sarah Palin’s hometown. It covers the good and the bad about her, and is the first thing I’ve seen that gives real insight into her governing style. Among other things, it mentioned that she inherited a city with no debt and left it with over $22 million of debt. The Alaska budget has been growing at 10% a year since she took over, not shrinking. Palin also fired a lot of experienced city staff when she took over, and brought in her inexperienced cronies. And she fired the librarian after the librarian refused to ban books that Palin didn’t like.

And she has a real chance of becoming president.

Scary stuff.

Oh, and Snopes verified the email as authentic.

3 thoughts on “A Wasilla Resident Writes about Sarah Palin

  1. glenncz says:

    Sarah has her doctor, the doctor is in Wasilla, AK, which is 810 miles away from Junuea, where she lives in the Governors Mansion. Somehow, during her preg from Sept to delivery in April, she has time to take a bumpy flight, i would assume about 200 mph, or 3 hrs away. That was her “plan” for delivery. To somehow get from Juneau to Wasilla 810 miles away(driving) to see her Dr., a family Dr, to deliver a baby for 44 yr old woman, that she had to know was a Downs? wowser!


  2. cliff says:

    “real insight” meaning something questionable or something bad to say?
    The folks who speak and show their faces on tv are also ‘authentic.’

    She doesn’t scare me at all but rather just the opposite.

  3. To hear her tell the story she was elected on an anti-corruption platform. So it’s to be expected, commendable even, that she replaced “experienced” staff with people she had confidence in, or “cronies” as the spin goes.

    I’m sure Palin’s evangelical enough that there’s some real “scary” stuff to despise somewhere. The librarian story sounds a little more truthy.

    But come on, “experienced” staff indeed… :-)

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