Hurricane Bicycling

Wednesday I rode my bike to work.

So, logically, Wednesday saw me riding my bike home from work.

That was not the most pleasant task.

I rode directly into some really strong winds — I figure about 40MPH — for 2.5 miles, and for the other 8, they were crosswinds. I checked the weather about 30-60 minutes after I got home, after it had calmed down a bit, and they were saying gusts to 35. So I figure 40 or more when it was really going is about right. I was using the lowest possible gear on my 24-speed bike for a good part of that, for the first time ever.

The weather also indicated this was due to remnants from Gustav.

So now I can — almost — say I rode my bike through a hurricane.

I had to chuckle a bit today when I read a different bike blog — someone who has been doing this a lot longer than me — say he chickened out and took the bus because of 15MPH winds.

Out here in Kansas farm country, there isn’t a bus. If I ride the bike to work in the morning, that’s the only way I’m getting back home.

Kinda character-building, I guess.

Or crazy, depending on your view. I’m getting some strange looks lately as I’ve been mentioning that it’s about time for me to prepare for bicycling in the winter.

Oh, and did I mention that 15MPH is a breeze out here?

One thought on “Hurricane Bicycling

  1. ZOG says:

    Though I ride to work in nothing like hurricane winds, I have been using an electric bike and it really helps fighting against the wind gusts, and hills.

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