Ice Photos

For those of you wanting to see some pictures from the recent ice storm, here you go.

The morning:


This bush sorta got short and flat:


A tree branch:


And another:


Then, at noon:


Then the snow came:


If you have trouble finding the driveway… well, good thing we’ve got reflectors.


The rental generator that kept us warmish:


More snow:


You can also see the whole set on flickr.

4 thoughts on “Ice Photos

  1. WBCR, you’re talented enough that you don’t have to put up with this. Why don’t you move somewhere where the climate is a controlled event?

    Leave the iceworld to middle America and come join us by the ocean!

  2. Hi John Great photos and and power outage story. Yes the heartland is full of good people. The good news is when you go up your lane there isn’t anyone on your rear bumper flipping you off for going so slow and then when you get to the main road there is no one there either.
    It’s because of the people that we live here. And also the lack of them. Good posts.

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