13 thoughts on “First Typoblogging Experiment

    1. I wonder how well this is supported by web browsers? Especially text-mode ones like lynx, links, w3m, etc.

      Also the downside of that is that Serendipity will not be able to index the text for searching. Though I wonder if Google would be able to.

    1. I tried gocr and tesseract-ocr. Neither could make much more out of this than gibberish. Ocropus isn’t in Debian, so I didn’t have the time to try it. I hope that Clara’s trainable engine might be able to help me out though.

  1. Wonderfully retro! I love it!

    I grew up with computers, but also grew up with typewriters. There _is_ something different about the writing process.

  2. You’re dating yourself, John :-). I think only those who have never used typewriters for serious work can want to play around with them.

    I’m old enough to remember the transition from typewriters to word processors. I remember typewriters as awkward and unforgiving. I always seemed to make a mistake on the last line of a sheet of paper, and too much whiteout would stick the page to the roller. The first time I used a computer keyboard, it took me all of five minutes to decide I was never going back.

    But now that you need a workstation to match your new printer, may I suggest:


  3. I know this post is pretty old, but are you still doing typed posts? There are a whole mess of people who are into typecasting, see the blogroll on my site. We’re always looking for other typecasters!

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