Young People NOT Delinquent?

Here’s an interesting and probably controversial article. It starts with:

When I hear people my age (35+) rip the younger generation I usually keep my mouth shut. But I have something I need to say, so this is my public response to the people who think there is something wrong with young people today.

Let me tell you what I think about young people:

The kids coming of age right now are the greatest generation, and we don’t give them the respect and freedom we were given and it is shameful.

And it goes on from there.

Also I should point out that George Bush is a baby boomer.

3 thoughts on “Young People NOT Delinquent?

  1. Yesterday was the rare day at work (Pediatric acute care/hospital setting) where everyone on the floor ate lunch together. We were two Boomer nurses, a GenX doc and two Millennium support staff. And actually, this multi-generation mix works quite well. One of the discussions morphed into the crock that is “The Greatest Generation”….this we all heartily agreed upon.
    My generalization on this is: We Boomers couldn’t care less about the system-the important thing is doing what is right…we believe efficiency is over-rated. GenXers are passionate about many things but are scared to death about even the thought of bucking the system. The millennium kids are incredibly efficient with the technology and can get a lot done…but they are so robotish…have no vision for anything outside of their own little world.

    I believe the concern about the decline in SAT scores is silly. The kids today have a ton more info stored away that my generation did. Human intelligence is a constant. I am concerned about how we utilize it, however, it remains at our disposal-wow, that sounds morbid! The really sobering part of this is that our supposedly great nation can elect George W. Bush as its President not once but twice…pretty well defines the divide that can grow/exists between intelligence and character and wisdom…and this coming off of two terms of Bill Clinton. This certainly supports my contention that every individual is capable of both great good and great evil…collectively, as a nation, we are having an awful run of things when it comes to character and wisdom.
    Enough of the rambling :)

  2. It’s hard to take a President who won’t check the political winds or polls before making a decision and instead acts on conviction.
    Hilliary will be the payback. A tip. Go to cash or gold just before the election.
    On the generation deal, I think thats mostly…well, fertilizer and just for discussion 50 years after the generation is no more.
    I know quite a few of the people coming of age right now and the ones I know are as good as the good people of any generation. But that’s the type I choose to deal with.

  3. This afternoon, Terah and I were in an antique store. I saw someone jr. high age wearing an iPod in the store. I though, “What kind of thing is this where the kids can’t even look at antiques without having to listen to something?”

    Then I remembered the number of people much older than I that I saw in Boston doing the exact same thing.

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