Hey Dell, Can You Hear Me Now?

A couple of years ago, I had an apparent lapse of judgement and bought a 21″ Dell LCD because it seemed to be a good monitor and a good price. Even after my earlier experiences with Dell.

Last winter, it developed an odd dim area in the shape of an L. It was under warranty.

I made the mistake of contacting Dell support. It probably took 2-3 hours of calling before they agreed to replace it. I’m pretty sure I said each of these things to them at least 5 times:

  • No, it does not have an Express Service Tag. It has only a serial number tag, and no, it is not the same format as the Express Service Tag.
  • No, my computer doesn’t have an Express Service Tag either. It is not a Dell computer.
  • Yes, it is possible to use a Dell monitor with another kind of computer.
  • Yes, I did buy the monitor from Dell. Would you like the order number?
  • No, hooking it up to another computer doesn’t change it. Do you remember I told you that the area looks green even when the monitor is OFF?
  • I was just talking to someone else, who was going to transfer me to some other department, but (hung up on me, sent me to a busy signal, sent me to a menu that accepts no input) instead.

Eventually I spoke to somebody that understood the concept of a serial number and agreed to send me a replacement monitor. I made the mistake of giving them a shipping address for that.

Ever since then, they have sent me stupid catalogs.


that is what I think each week when I get such a catalog.

I have gone to their website to try to get off of these mailings. They have different privacy forms for their different units (home, small business, etc.), and I sent in a removal form for all of them. That didn’t help. I called their customer service department, and after getting the run around yet again, they said they’d take me off right away. That didn’t help either. This was all months ago. They are blatantly violating their stated privacy policy.

Today I got another magazine. Featuring Flamingo Pink inspirons yet again. And a page that says “Raze your standards.” Need I say more?

I will therefore be following the advice of Junkbusters.com and will file a Prohibitory Order against Dell at my earliest convenience. That’s the first time I’ve been motivated to do that.

And if they don’t honor that, they’ll be hearing from the postal inspectors.

Dell has now become my most despised company ever. Yes, even more than Sprint.

4 thoughts on “Hey Dell, Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. I also get Dell ads in the mail.
    Dell called me about a year ago, asking if I had purchased a computer from them online. [quote=”WAS”]no[/quote]. Than they told me that an order had been placed on Dell’s web site using my identity and that I should notify the credit bureau’s of identity theft, normally a good thing, right. Well it turns out it’s not such a good thing in all respects. I got my credit report from Experian (Dallas) listing an address where I had never lived. It took more than 3 months and 10 or 15 calls along with the paperwork to Experian before the address was removed from my credit file. Much the same kind of, as I call it, “artificial unintelligence” from Experian customer service, as you describe in your post above with Dell. Meanwhile, in my further discussions with Dell’s financial dept.,among them, one supervisor and several reps that were no longer employed by Dell when returning calls, as I was told.
    Must give pause, Hummm.
    To make a long story short, I was told, if I wanted “any information” regarding the online transaction made using my identity, I would need a subpoena. Than after speaking with several identity theft attorney’s in both New York and Los Angeles, found that none of them wanted to take the case. Meanwhile, and on and on it goes. Are there any stops on this merry go round?

  2. Dear Mr. Goerzen,

    My name is Debbie and I am located at Dell Headquarters in Texas. I work on Dell’s blog support team.  I definitely want to apologize for the unwanted Dell catalogs you have received. If you will email me directly, I will remove your name from our mailing list. I look forward to your response.

    Dell Customer Advocate
    Email: Debbie@Dell.Com

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