Renovation: Weeks 10-12

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted photos of our renovation project. We’ve been very busy, and I’ll write about that sometime soon, too.

But anyway, I’ve now posted photos of weeks 10 – 12 of the renovation.

Some of the highlights include: new windows, a new roof, two new staircases, three old oil heaters removed from the attic (some still with oil in them), and a little joking around from the workers.

Click above to see all of the photos.

Here are two samples from this set. First, how the house looks from the oustide now:

And this one:

Someone found that old commode from the attic. They put it on the dirt pile, and put a bucket under it for good measure.

Nobody actually used it.

That we know of.

2 thoughts on “Renovation: Weeks 10-12

  1. John, you’re doing it up right! That house will still have its character and period style. We all are waiting to see how the inside looks. I think it is all very nice. You definitely have a nice place to bring up kids, that nice house and then all the farm yard.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jim! That sure is our goal (keep its character).

      We noticed last week that we can find new door knobs in the same style as the old door knobs that were still on some of the doors. We’re trying to reuse the old parts of the house as much as possible. Where we can’t (lead paint on doors & trim is getting in our way on some of that), we’re trying to be as similar to the original as possible.

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