Fire updates

Whew. Lots has been going on the past couple of days.

First, many thanks to all that sent us e-mails, comments, and notes. We appreciate it! It’s nice to have people the care.

Next, in addition to the first set of fire photos I posted, I have now added more photos: a second set of fire photos. Note that there are two pages to that as well.

I’ve also added some photos to the Grandpa’s Farm set — this shows what things looked like back in April, before the fire. The buildings that burned are the barn, calf barn, and chicken house.

On to the updates…

Monday I went out to the farm first thing in the morning. Some areas were still smoldering — basically wherever there was hay. It was a bit concerning. I went up to the 2nd floor in the house and took some photos of the yard.

I headed on in to work. Later in the evening, I went back out to check on things. Two fire fighters were back out there with a fire truck dousing the remaining smoldering areas. Apparently the fire fighters had been checking on the place intermittently all day and had been out there with water earlier as well.

The Goessel Fire Dept. is an all-volunteer department. These people aren’t getting paid for this, and they do an EXCELLENT job. Someone was out at 1AM Monday, again at 10AM Monday, then twice more with the truck. They did all this on their own — I hadn’t asked them to. It is amazing how much these people care about the community and taking care of fires.

I also never knew how long bales of hay burn.

Here’s one of the new photos:

2 thoughts on “Fire updates

  1. Good morning, John. Thanks for keeping us up on the fire situation. I know that with work and taking care of what is left you are busy people.
    I had been wondering if the tractor was still in there. My guess is a late 50s or any 60s model Case?
    We went past Wichita last Thursday afternoon on the Interstate, coming back from Nebraska. We had talked about coming down from York, but decided on I-29 and I-35 to I-45, doing Interstate all the way. Maybe next time for the northern route.

  2. Close. It’s a 1967 or 1968 Massey Ferguson model 165.

    Terah and I took I-135 up to US-81 and on north when we went to visit Cliff. I posted some pictures of that: [url=]here[/url].

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