Dupes really fixed now

Thanks to some assistance from Garvin (lead Serendipity developer), it looks like the bug that Planet dislikes so intensely is indeed the <slash:comments> tag. I don’t believe this is a bug in Serendipity bug rather in Planet.

(There is still, IMHO, a pubDate bug in Serendipity, but it appears to be unrelated)

So, the dupes you were seeing from me really are gone now. I hope.

The fix is to edit the file templates/default/feed_2.0.tpl and remove the line that provides the <slash:comments> tag.

BTW, seems that Planet Haskell also ran afoul of this.

4 thoughts on “Dupes really fixed now

  1. My advice when tweaking with blog software or migrating between such things: tune down the number of posts that your feeds carry, massively. Flooding planets with 1-2 posts is only a minor irritation: but with 12 or more it becomes a real inconvenience.

  2. Is that kind of a recursive april’s fools joke, which is still running?

    Well, I especially like this posting here reapearing. I guess it is *really* fixed know ;-)

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