Asus violating GPL again?

There was a small firestorm last year when people realized that Asus was not releasing source code to GPL’d components of the EeePC. At the time, they eventually did post source code on their website.

Recently I bought an Eee 901. Asus has modified the kernel’s ACPI driver. They released the source code to that on an 8G surf model, but the 901 has additional hardware features in the ACPI space (bluetooth radio power toggle, for instance) that are not in the source they released back then. There are no sources released at all under the 901 section of their website.

Anyone know whom to contact at Asus about this?

7 thoughts on “Asus violating GPL again?

  1. Asus needs to use free, as in liberty, software instead of free, as in doesn’t cost anything. Using software with restrictive liscenses like Microsoft or GPL (I think GPL is the more restrictive of the two) is just a pain.


  2. No. No. No. No. No. No. Wrong. Wrong Wrong. Wrong.

    The GPL has been void and null by US court. You cannot violate something that is nothing no more.


    brian Reply:

    No, you’re wrong. Courts just ruled that violating a GPL-like license is copyright infringement.

    The we page you are citing is clearly propaganda. There may be some issues with Linux/GPL, but that page you linked to is made by someone living in fantasyland.


    Edmundo Reply:

    That page is just a joke, man…. It’s Shelley the Republican” quality stuff, by the way.


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