Wedding Prayer

Last weekend, my brother Peter get married! It was a lot of fun to be around Peter and Katherine during the activities last week. They are a wonderful couple and it is great to see them so happy. It was also fun to watch them get their pictures taken, to watch the groomsmen trying to find a key to their car so they could decorate it, and to see all the family there.

But most of all, I’m happy for Peter and Katherine. I never knew how much happiness a wedding could bring until I got married myself. And I’m sure this was a moment they’ll look back on fondly for many years.

One thought on “Wedding

  1. After my brother’s wedding, a bunch of us Goerzens got together out at our creek. We had a hot dog roast, some smores, and then eight of us remained to camp out at the creek. That included Terah, Jacob, and me.

    My uncle loves camping and has orga

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