May 11th, 2007

One of the things about living in the country is that there isn’t all that much predictability. You can have your water supply disrupted by ants, sewage issues, power supply problems, etc.

But today was a new one that disrupted my morning commute.

It wasn’t mud, or harvest.

No, it was traffic. On our driveway, just a few feet in front of our front door.


Takes only one of those standing on the driveway to make a traffic jam.

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  1. Kevin Mark

    apt-get remove moo!


  2. Niall

    You’d swear it was big :) Run towards it with your arms thrashing around the place wildly. What’s the worst that can happen?


  3. John Goerzen

    Ahh, and I should trust every piece of advice I get from the Internet without question, right?


  4. Anonymous

    Looks like I need to bring you some of our cows :)


  5. cliff

    Be careful John. The ol’ boy is looking for the same thing all men are looking for. The next meal.


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