Hosting Cautions

I saw an ad on my site today for ServerPronto. I’m always on the lookout for better hosting deals, since hosting is expensive. They looked good — inexpensive dedicated colocation. So I quickly googled for “ServerPronto Debian”. It turns out that ServerPronto has run afoul of several spam RBL lists and generally refuses to remove spammers from their network. Result: you’ll have a lot of trouble sending e-mail from a box hosted there. On the other hand, there’s at least one person happy with them. I wonder if they’ve cleaned up their act since last July?

I did some more googling and found a nice personal colo chart. I found a few interesting ones, including OSEM here.

3 thoughts on “Hosting Cautions

  1. Good find John, wish I had known about this issue BEFORE I signed up! Fortunately I don’t plan on using my box for sending emails, although that could change at some point. If it does I’ll certainly take into account what you’ve said here. By the way, how does one “check the netblock” on a hosting company to determine if they’re on a spam list?

  2. i sing-up 5 days ago, recibe a mail saiding in 24 hours u box is up…
    and waiting 4 days..

    2 tickets, urgent asking about it and dont response…

    :/ googling i read about some ppl that wait 26 days!!!!

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