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I think I’ve enjoyed every Paul Graham essay I’ve ever read. He’s got a new one: What You’ll Wish You’d Known, a speech he was going to give at a high school. He persuasively undercuts most graduation speeches and provides an interesting outlook on life. I found his comments on procrastination and curiosity interesting. I, and a number of people I know, have both those qualities. Graham argues that they’re almost innate once you’ve found something you’re interesting in.

In true American fashion, after the school learned that Graham was going to say something interesting, they withdrew their invitation.

Someone in #haskell pointed me to Lambda the Ultimate, a great programming languages blog. While there, I read an interesting critique of OOP in general.

And finally, IBM has a great article on HaXml, advocating its use instead of DOM or SAX for processing XML and HTML documents. They have some quite effective examples to boost their point, too. I tried HaXml and I like it.

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  1. Apparently I didn’t read my own blog. I did just talk about HaXml recently. Oh well, it’s a nice library and deserves a second mention :-)

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