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I was visiting with our homeowners insurance company the other day (very good folks). Because we weren’t living in our house during renovation, we had to get a more expensive type of policy. The agent that sold it do is is no longer with the company, so the new person handling our account asked me, “Why did he want you to get this policy?”

“Well, he said it was because we weren’t living there.” Then I suddenly remembered the rest of what he said, and couldn’t help cracking up. “Plus, he said that if something like a fire happened, people might not notice.”

What can I say. Psychic insurance salesman.

On that note, I was having a discussion with someone about large windows on a house. That person was saying that “everyone” always puts their large windows on the front (or back of their house, I forget which) so that potential burglers are easier to spot. He was concerned about where we were putting windows on our house.

This had never occured to me.

But I pointed out that our yard was on fire and nobody noticed for hours. What difference would it make where our windows are?

“Ah, good point,” he said.

On that note, you ought to check out rush hour in the country. Truly this is a lot of traffic for roads around here.