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The Climate Crisis


We just watched An Inconvenient Truth. Not much in there was new to me, but to see it all presented at once is amazing.

There are vast undisputed scientific facts out there — for instance, that CO2 content in the atmosphere is higher than it’s been ever — and we can go back 650,000 years. The linkage between that and temperatures is inescapable.

Gore makes a good point: shouldn’t we be worried about more than terrorism?

Does the thought of parts of Manhattan, San Francisco, and large parts of Florida going underwater suggest a problem exists?

This really is critical and urgent.

We’ve already been thinking about it lately as we renovate our house. We’re paying a little more now for things like airtight insulation, low-energy lighting, efficient heating. Not only will it save us money in the long run, it will help improve our lives and Jacob’s life down the road.

The movie’s website is over at climatecrisis.net.