A 4-year-old’s sudden interest in German monorail

Today, Oliver and Jacob heard about monorails. I showed them a wikipedia article about monorails, and it had a picture of a monorail in Germany.

Oliver, age 4: I have been on that monorail!

Me: Sorry, Oliver, but that monorail is in Germany. You have never been to Germany.

Oliver: But I HAVE been to Germany!

Me: No, you have never been to Germany.

Oliver: Dad, I HAVE been to Germany. I love Germany!

Jacob, taking an interest: Dad, can we go to Germany sometime?

Me: Yes, we probably could sometime.

Jacob: Great! Then we could ride a Deutsche Bahn train!

At this point, we had a brief discussion about the fact that we can’t take a train from the United States to Germany, but we can fly there and then take trains.

Oliver: Dad, we should go the the airport and tell them to take us to Germany right now!

8 thoughts on “A 4-year-old’s sudden interest in German monorail

    1. I’ve been there, and I agree. I guess I promised, so now I have to take them one day too, eh? They’d enjoy it. They know a few German words, in fact.

  1. Germany has a lot of trains, but beware that there is no Transrapid here apart from the test track. If you want to see it in operation, you have to go to China.

    Wuppertal’s suspension railway was already mentioned. And lots of places in the mountains have old steam locomotives.

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