Real World Haskell update

There’s been quite the activity around this book lately.

Pat Eyler of On Ruby published an interview with the three of us RWH authors. It apparently got some very positive comments on Reddit.

Over on Amazon, the book is continuing its streak of 5-star reviews. When I see a review there titled “Finally a Haskell book that I could understand”, I am very glad that we took the time to write Real World Haskell. It is great to know that people find it useful.

Some of you may know that the book is licensed under a Creative Commons license. This is most certainly not common in the publishing world these days, and O’Reilly took a risk by letting us do it. We had tremendous community participation while we were writing it, and O’Reilly is quite pleased with the sales so far. I hope that this bodes well for future books released under such a license.

2 thoughts on “Real World Haskell update

  1. Hi John!

    I just started reading Real World Haskell yesterday, and so far loving it. Those 5 stars on Amazon, all well deserved.

    Kudos on the book, and thank you.


  2. after finishing TAPL and some others, im finding RWH difficult to adjust to.

    its more like the typical Erlang or Rails book where theyre ‘holding your hand’. it takes a while getting use to coming from a style so dense that i really have to read every word, instead of just.. reading it as if someone was reading it to me. hard to explain

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