People often talk about “memorable moments” — times where pretty much everybody in the country remembers where they were at that exact time.

There are probably only two of those moments I can remember: the 1989 earthquake during the World Series and the time 9/11 happened. My car was in for service that day, and I was sitting in the lobby of the mechanics watching it on TV.

So now I have a third: watching Barack Obama win the presidency.

We were installing some new blinds in the kitchen while listening to the coverage on NPR, periodically going over to the office to watch the TV coverage on the computer. (Our TV is upstairs right now, so that was more convenient.)

A few minutes before the election was called, I remember Brian Williams saying something like “We’re going to go to local stations now, but you better not walk away. We’ll have some amazing news at the top of the hour.”

We watched that announcement, then saw McCain’s speech, and finally Obama’s speech (missed the first minute or two of it actually). What an amazing evening.

Then seeing the stories of people celebrating all around the country and around the world: the impromptu party in front of the White House Tuesday night, the small gathering at the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday morning, the Obama parties all around the world. And we watched it on TV in our house while Jacob slept. I feel like I missed out somehow.

4 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Ralph says:

    Memorable moments are different for everyone. One I will never forget is a school room in 1963.

  2. terah says:

    I had no idea that there was an earthquake during a world series!

    But, yeah, the “Yes We Did” party didn’t really take off in Kansas…

  3. Okay, now I feel old, because *I* remember Challenger. (Not around in 1963, though, so not *that* old.)

    (Also: 99% of the comments I leave here inform me that I didn’t have a Session-Hash, including the first try at this one. Not sure if I’m mis-interpreting the amazingly ambiguous captchas and that’s just a stock part of the error or what. But there’ve been a few comments where I’ve looked at the second, equally ambiguous captcha and said “This is not worth my time.” FWIW.)

    (And this was nearly one of them. Third time the charm?)

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