Jacob’s Words

Here are some words and phrases we’re hearing a lot lately. Along with a helpful translation guide.

shop baa: Shop Vac
shop baa hoesh: Shop Vac hose. We also get “see shop baa”, “shop baa on”, etc.
chain: train
chain veeoh: train video
tune vewwow: turn yellow (referring to a traffic light)
Hi Daddy!
Hi Mommy!
uhoh [item]: something bad happened to the item
wahdoh: water
spidoh: spider
spidoh buh: spider bug
cat Nash: the cat named Nash
teesh: taste (when he wants a bite of cake or something)
BIH teesh: BIG taste
tah corn: tall corn
pa: grandpa
mama: grandma
mamapa: grandma and grandpa
ah housh: our house
fop: flop (onto a pillow)
ahh done: all done
bubba: butterfly (he has a soft one he sleeps with). Or strawberry.
hoe: hold

2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Words

  1. eric Bostrom says:

    CR, is US bank the one that you use? They’re going to go next, might want to make a withdrawal.

    1. John Goerzen says:

      Nope, I’m using a different, much smaller one that doesn’t have exposure to that stuff. Thanks though

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