Thoughts on the Candidates

Months ago, when this presidential race started, Howard Dean seemed the way the go. He truly was revolutionizing the way campaigns were run, money was raised, and volunteers were organized.

Dean’s poor showing in Iowa has done nothing to change my opinion. I think that the people in New Hampshire that are changing their votes because of how an election went in a different state are nuts. An election in a different state should have no bearing on your choice; you should choose based on issues and electability.

But there has been an increasing question in my mind about the electability of any of the Democratic contenders. Dean, for instance, appears to shoot himself in the foot with such regularity that it may soon be necessary for him to use crutches. I saw the speech Monday, was not offended by it, but it was clear that this was not a speech for television — or even one that recognized that TV cameras were present. Dean certainly did have a large audience there, as statement on Blog for America says. But he had a larger audience nationwide, and he erred in neglecting it.

Whie Dean erred, people need to take this in context, which is the point his campaign staff is making. I don’t see it as indicitive of an overall character problem, and moreover, I think it is better to have someone that is full of energy rather than someone that looks like he hasn’t had his morning cup of coffee yet. At 7PM.

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