Debian Developers 7 Years Ago

Today while looking for something else, I stumbled across a DVD with the “last archive” of my old personal website. On it were a number of photos from the 2000 Annual Linux Conference in Atlanta, and the Debian developers that were there. These were posted in public for several years.

I’ve now posted all of them on flickr, preserving the original captions.

Here’s the obligatory sample:


That’s Joey Hess, using what I think was his Vaio. Most acrobatic keyboardist ever. Probably the only person that could write Perl with one hand comfortably.

What else can you see? The best of show award that Debian won that is now in my basement due to a complicated series of events, the Debian machines that were being shown off at the show, Sean Perry and Manoj, the photo with long-term corrupted caption, and of course, numerous shots of Branden.

I know the size stinks. It was scanned at a web resolution for 2000. I do still have the negatives somewhere and will post the rest of them, in higher res, when I find them.

Click here to view the full set.

One thought on “Debian Developers 7 Years Ago

  1. Hi John — We are back (early) now. I’ve even posted my status!
    One of mf my twins earned the nickname, Haskel. Some call him that to this day, even if he is 50 now.

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