Renovation: Week 24

Wow! What a week. (Click here for all of this week’s photos) On Sunday afternoon, we walked into the house and saw this:

Yes, over the weekend, the cabinet makers had installed the cabinets earlier than expected! I never expected that I would get excited about kitchen cabinets, but I sure was. They look great.

My grandma’s china cabinet is back up in the dining room. They’ve removed the tile from the dining room, exposing the wood floor underneath. The floor restoration people have spent some time doing some patching already.

Doors and doorjams are starting to go in. Trim is arriving. And the wood in the wall alongside one of the staircases has been seamlessly extended.

It’s exciting. (photos here)

And check this out:

That hunk of ice is the exhaust from our furnace. No joke! The furnace is so efficient that, when its running, it’s a moist and slightly warm breeze blowing out of that exhaust pipe. In winter, it condenses and drips down below, forming an ice hunk.

4 thoughts on “Renovation: Week 24

  1. Things are coming along pretty fast. When is move-in date?
    Our house is all messed up too, for a week and a half now. We are adding some more crown molding in the living and dining room and painting every room except the baths, my office, and the utility room.
    Mrs. Jim and I painted our bedroom, we are having the others done.

  2. My wife will be as jealous as I of those white cabinets. Our favorite indeed. They do look great. Owing to the pile of ice under the furnace outlet, they must have gotten that cardboard box taped in right good. Looking good!!!

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