The Haskell Blog Tutorial

The first installment of Mark C. Chu-Carroll’s Haskell tutorial series went up last week.

It begins this way:

Before diving in and starting to explain Haskell, I thought it would be good to take a moment and answer the most important question before we start:

Why should you want to learn Haskell?

It’s always surprised me how many people don’t ask questions like that.

Farther down:

So what makes Haskell so wonderful? Or, to ask the question in a slightly better way: what is so great about the pure functional programming model as exemplified by Haskell?

The answer is simple: glue.

Languages like Haskell have absolutely amazing support for modular development.

An interesting and though-provoking article, even for someone that’s been using Haskell for more than 2 years now. (Yikes, I had no idea it was that long)

You can also see all his posts on Haskell, which include a couple more installments.

2 thoughts on “The Haskell Blog Tutorial

  1. Cipher says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a rookie in haskell programming, just wanna ask that do you have any idea about solving n-grams problem? Possibly give me a sample solution?

    thanks a lot!

  2. What is this Huskell? I was looking for anybody who can solve some problems with Linux Ubuntu..:(

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