HDBC 1.0.0

This evening, I released HDBC 1.0.0.

HDBC is a database API for Haskell. I wrote it after being unsatisfied with HSQL. HDBC at a certain level feels similar to Perl’s DBI. But it is both simpler and more powerful, IMHO, thanks in large measure to Haskell language features.

The HDBC homepage is here.

One thought on “HDBC 1.0.0

  1. Jim says:

    Hi John. I haven’t been keeping up with your blog like I should.
    I knew Terah is expecting but I didn’t know you were getting your grandfather’s farm. Congratulations.
    The farm is in Maryland? They pictures look very inviting, for young people.
    Is the tractor still in the chicken shed? How about the old truck?
    I came today because I checked on a hit I had referenced by a Google search on “Six day underwear,”.
    Try that, I am first in line, but your underwear rotation post is second because of my comment there.
    I hope you will allow me to link to you so I can keep up better. With the farm and the baby’s coming. Thanks.
    You won’t have to link back to me, I see you get lots of hits and have just few ‘weblogs’ you keep up with.

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