A Lesson on Influencing Adults

When the news broke yesterday that Fred Rogers had died, it was amazing to see how many adults still remembered the Mr. Rogers show and even were personally moved by the show in later life. I think it goes to show that what children watch on TV and at the movies really does matter to their character development.

A number of stories about Mr. Rogers appeared yesterday in addition to those liked above. We saw appreciations, lists of Fred Rogers quotes, links to an old interview with Mr. Speedy Delivery, and even how to talk to children about his death.

NPR has a webpage about Fred Rogers.

1 thought on “A Lesson on Influencing Adults

  1. Mr. Rogers shall be greatly missed. Many have grown up with him and
    his very broad based open minded views. We need more like him to
    promote tolerance without actually trying to convert anyone.

    Long live King Friday!

    Signature: Ben Badgley mk9dog
    URL: http://mk9dog.blogspot.com

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