Things are a happenin’

So… Our big move (yes, we’re buying a farm) is moving along!

We’re tentatively set to close on it next Tuesday. The last two months have been busy. A lot of phone calls to arrange permits.

The director of planning and zoning retired recently, and they didn’t have a replacement ready. So all building permits were on hold until a replacement arrives. In the meantime, the county clerk’s office was trying to handle basic inquiries. I called it one day, and didn’t realize until later that I was speaking to the county clerk. I grew up in this county but obviously I’ve lived in larger ones too long if I’m surprised about this. Everyone was very friendly and as helpful as possible with an unfortunate situation.

I got a surprise phone call today. Apparently the telephone company is running new lines in rural areas of the county (upgrading to support DSL) and they wanted to know if that place was going to stay vacant. A “not at all!” later, and it looks like we’ll be able to get DSL by the time we move in. WOOHOO! We were bracing for dialup or wireless…

There are still some bits of paperwork that have to get done before Tuesday yet, so it’s not 100% guaranteed that we’ll close then. But we’re getting excited anyway!

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