Tuttle: Neither Gone Nor Forgotten

So just when I thought the whole Tuttle story had wound down, more starts appearing.

The Register has a new article: Only “freaks” waste their time with Linux in Oklahoma. In it, they posted a video clip from an Oklahoma TV station that called Tuttle “an international laughing stock.” Quite a funny little piece. The Register also mentioned that the Tuttle city manager left work when he heard a TV crew would be there to interview him. Favorite quote:

Instead of a website, Taylor discovered an Apache server configuration page that mentioned CentOS. He’s an Oklahoma man, and the Apache feather must have proved frightening.

Today’s next little piece of fun is this page at the Tuttle Times. Look on the right, under Links. See the link that reads “Example of CentOS test page”? Notice where it points to. Yes, that’s right, www.tuttlechamber.org. Click on it, and sure enough, up comes the infamous test page. So the Tuttle Chamber of Commerce apparently is getting ready for round two…

And while we’re speaking of the Tuttle Times: they have published a letter to the editor from Johnny Hughes, the CentOS lead developer that was on the other end of those exchanges with Tuttle. I think Johnny wrote an excellent little piece there.

And finally, another funny headline from the Tuttle Times homepage: “Prosecution attorney presents complete case.” I am glad to hear that at long last this terrible scourge of incomplete cases has been brought to an end. But beware, this shocking story is not over yet! The next article is “defense raises compelling questions.” Another first for Tuttle?

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