Nebraska Photos

I’ve uploaded our photos from our trip to Nebraska. Don’t worry, I’ve limited it to 43 items.

In this fantastic collection, you will learn such immeasurably useful morsels of knowledge, such as:

  • Why people think Nebraska has more trees than Kansas
  • The shocking encroachment of nationwide department stores onto rural areas
  • Traffic congestion in rural Kansas
  • Nebraskan vowel usage
  • Silo painting tips

Click here to start, and make sure to hit “next” so you see all the different photos.

2 thoughts on “Nebraska Photos

  1. John – I’ve somewhat followed your blog via Debian Planet, and really enjoy the humorous blogs about life in Kansas. Being a native Kansan myself (grew up in Burlington, Yates Center, and Emporia) transplanted to Seattle, it’s great to have that little bit of contact back home! Thanks!


    jgoerzen Reply:

    Thanks, Jeremy. Glad to hear from you. There are two or three of us Kansans lurking about out there ;-)


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