Views from the porch

I’ve enjoyed Cliff‘s views from the porch.

I’ve decided to post some of my own: click here for a few photos.

I also threw in one of the porch itself, to prove that I really can point the camera in all those directions without leaving it :-)

Here’s that one:

Maybe soon I’ll post the views from the *back* porch. Between the two, I think I could get a 360-degree view…

2 thoughts on “Views from the porch

  1. John, What a beautiful piece of heaven you folks have. There ARE trees in Kansas. I especially liked the photo of your home at dusk with the lights on, on the porch. Man, we could use the moisture in any one of those photos, snow, hail, whatever, so long as it’s moisture.

    1. Thanks, Cliff! Yes, there are trees out here. I’ll have to post a photo of our driveway (past the trees) so you can see that there aren’t all that many ;-)

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