Some Airport Statistics

Airport Number of Gates Annual Passengers (2000) Wireless Internet Options Plainly Visible to Travelers
Charlotte, NC 79 10,377,837 None (checked all of Concourse A plus the atrium)
Atlanta, GA (Hartsfield) 176 38,255,778 None (and I walked almost the entire length of Concourse C to check)
Wichita, KS 12 535,715 Four free work centers throughout the airport, clearly marked, each offering four work areas complete with desk, chair, AC power, Ethernet connection, and wireless Internet access. Wireless connectivity extends into most gate areas as well. ESSID: “FREE”.

5 thoughts on “Some Airport Statistics

  1. I was just in Hartsfield, and at least in Concourse D you have the Cingular pay-for-it option, naturally triggered by any http request. ssh and other random ports are also effectively filtered.

    1. Good to know.

      In my defense, it’s not plainly visible if you are connecting solely in Concourse C, though ;-)

      Bummer that ssh is filtered.

      1. I should add that a single concourse at Hartsfield-Jackson provides more than twice the number of gates as the entire Wichita airport.

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