Some Haskell Quotes

As seen on recently:

<Speck> "That's like cheating. It isn't even programming. You just tell it
what to do and it does it." -- My friend upon seeing some Haskell code

<autrijus> Perl: "Easy things are easy, hard things are possible"

<autrijus> Haskell: "Hard things are easy, the impossible just happened"

One thought on “Some Haskell Quotes

  1. John, I just read your comments on cell phones. I would concur. It appears that alltel is the way to go here. My daughter at least can use her’s (alltel) in the Tekamah area. Cell one doesn’t work here unless I use my external antennae.
    Tell Terah I’m enjoying her blogs but my comments don’t seem to make it all the way to Kansas.

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