The State Park We Didn’t Visit

Near the beautiful Kanpolis State Park, which we did visit, is Mushroom Rock State Park, which we did not visit.

According to my maps, Mushroom Rock State Park consists of the following things:

  1. A rock
  2. A toilet

It’s the smallest state park in Kansas, spanning all of 5 acres. On the official KDWP photo gallery for this state park, we see the following amazing features (titles are quoted word-for-word from the gallery):

  1. Two scans of maps
  2. “One of the Mushroom Rocks”
  3. “Another Mushroom Rock”
  4. “The Mushroom Rock State Park Sign”

And let me tell you, those two maps for the 5-acre area and the photo of the sign really have me excited about this park.

Though it’s sad they didn’t photograph the toilet.

6 thoughts on “The State Park We Didn’t Visit

  1. Way back in the 20th Century they let most of the water out of Kanopolis for some kind of repairs. Wandering around the exposed valleys of rock and mud was cool and just a wee bit surreal.

    1. I believe it. That’s a huge area. I had figured the Corps of Engineers had dug it out, but maybe they just built a dam to enclose it? (If they dug it, I wouldn’t figure there’d be valleys like that)

  2. Looks like you’re selling the park short – that park contains not just one rock but several rocks unless the gallery lies.

    1. I’m not sure if those rocks are all in the state park (or just near it). I have here a map of Kanopolis state park, issued by KDWP… It lists Mushroom Rock State Park, and in it are two icons: a mushroom and a toilet. So perhaps the KDWP map is misleading, but it’s a lot funnier if it has only one rock instead of two :-)

  3. John, I went to the Mushroom Rock State Park website, at your urging. I noticed, with interest, that the Mushroom Rock State Park calender has May beginning on a Sunday, with 31 days. Just like mine. No other info is included. Interesting.

    1. That’s too amazing to be a coincidence. It must be a sign.

      You’ll have to stop there sometime and let us all know: one rock or two?

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