Switching Back to Drupal

I had been using WordPress for this blog since I switched from Drupal last June.

However, I’ve been growing dissatisfied with several things about it:

  • There are great comment spam blocking features, but I recently started being victimized by trackback spam, and there isn’t much to combat that.
  • There’s not much to help with importing RSS feeds.
  • There’s not all that much flexibility in the configuration.

Since June, Drupal has released version 4.5.0, which has made a lot of progress towards being useful for a blog site. It has better support for trackbacks, including spam prevention for them, and can be configured to act pretty much like one would expect a blog to act, complete with anonymous comments. It also supports file attachments to nodes, one feature I’d been missing.

So, I’m back to Drupal, and am running the nice Pushbutton theme. It even looks nice in lynx.

My one gripe is that the archive module stinks, but the tracker is reasonable at least. I’d rather let people see a whole month of history at once. Perhaps that will come yet.

3 thoughts on “Switching Back to Drupal

  1. Jamuraa says:

    I got hit with this recently as well – there is a new spam karma plugin which should fight these trackback spams, if you wanted to use WordPress again.

    1. jgoerzen says:

      Thanks for the tip. It looks like the spam karma homepage is here.

      One of the other annoying things about wordpress was that its mass edit mode didn’t work, so I’d have to manually click delete for each spam/trackback/whatever that had to disappear. Probably will be fixed in the next version, I’d suppose.

      Anyway, WordPress is a nice program, too. For those that are interested in a plain blog, it’s easier to set up and configure than Drupal.

  2. Bill says:

    I made a PHP patch (band-aid really) for trackback.module over at my website. Here’s a pointer to the blog entry that describes it:
    So far, no trackback spam.

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