Some More Gopher Data

Yesterday, I invited you to download a piece of Internet history. Today I have unearthed a bit more data to add to it.

There is a new torrent with 1.5GB more data (3GB uncompressed). This includes the FTP site from, which was a large collection of Gopher client and server software. Also included was, the old GN server, and This last site was mirrorable via FTP, and included the UMN Gopherd .cap and .Links files, so it can be served up via PyGopherd. The full contents are available in my post to the Gopher mailing list.

Incidentally, thank you to everyone that has helped seed, download, store, host, and otherwise preserve the 2007 archive. It is much appreciated. I have contacted several institutions recommended to me in comments or emails to try to arrange a stable long-term home for the data.


Update: This torrent is now available elsewhere; see this post for the most current location.

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