Begin questioning my sanity… NOW

It’s been a long and wet winter here. We live down a dirt/sand/gravel road, and when it rains, it’s difficult to get a car down the road due to mud. And impossible to get a bicycle down it. As a result, I’ve only been able to ride my bicycle to work once since November, and that was in January.

Last Thursday, I intended to ride in to work, but discovered my front tire wouldn’t hold air. I had heard about a wonderful local bike repair shop, so I dropped off the wheel there. The owner replaced the tube and checked it out, and charged me, yes, $4 — including labor and the tube. Nice.

So today was my first ride of the season. I rode a total of 21.8 miles (35 km) today, which was probably unwise enough for being as out of shape as I am. It’s 9.6 miles each way to work, plus I did some errands over lunch.

But add to that the winds — 30 MPH (48 kph) with gusts to 43 MPH (69 kph). This morning, they were weaker and also mostly at my back. This afternoon, though, they were mostly a vicious crosswind. If you’ve bicycled much, you’ll know that’s less annoying than a headwind, but is still quite annoying and takes a lot more energy to battle than you might think.

So, I am now rather sore. And the question is: will I be silly enough to do this again tomorrow?

The answer to that probably depends on how late I stay up watching the Butler/Duke game tonight, as I have to get up an hour earlier on days that I bicycle to work.

I found that the bicycle rack at work — which, somewhat to my annoyance, was moved indoors last year — has been rather disused. It is in a rather dusty and dirty part of our manufacturing shop, and there were large metal bins completely blocking the path to it, which I had to move before I could park my bike.

Then, of course, it was the usual comments — which I take with a smile — about somebody that shows up to work wearing cycling shorts & shirt.

It should be noted that I change into professional clothes at work. But my commute is too long to wear them on the way in and expect to be presentable, non-smelly, and pain-free.

In any case, evidence that this may not have been the best day to start my commute: it hurts to sit at the moment.

7 thoughts on “Begin questioning my sanity… NOW

  1. Get back on that horse!
    No, seriously the only way to get your shape back is by keeping at it. I do recommend that you keep it to a minimum, so only cycle to work. Not go for any errands. than you should be fine i think.

    1. Yep, I hope that starting next week I will be able to cycle in 4 days a week. It is quite windy today, and I’d have a long headwind, and am still sore, so I opted not to ride today. But I’ll get back into shape in a few weeks, I think.

  2. Winter will do that unless you are crazy enough to ride through it, Heh…
    I just reassembled my old Huffy on Friday.
    The rear derailer needed to be cleaned badly, and I also had to replaced the freewheel and chain. Finally I laced half the spokes on the rear wheel. Than I got to take it for a ride down to the Lake, about 4 miles, with a couple of good hills to climb.
    It was one of those spring days when you can feel the temperature change about half a mile from the lake and than again near the end of the half mile long pier.
    I wonder if there will be many riders going to DebConf10?

  3. @Ralph: Sleet beats rain for annoyance factor, Hands Down!

    @John: I hope you have the whole ensemble – including the wrap-around goggles and the snap-in toe block shoes… ;)

    Lucky me, I grew up in Tucson AZ, and now live in San Diego CA, both cities, well-known for down-right boring weather.

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