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I’ve received two e-mails from people asking for an update on the MythTV project. So here goes.

First, concerning the issue with the Biostar motherboard: the Biostar motherboard was bad. The TV out on it was physicially inoperative. It did not include the TV out in the box, so I had to buy that and the SPDIF out from Biostar. The SPDIF out was coax only, no optical, and the TV out was broken. I returned the motherboard and purchased an Albatron KM18g Pro 2.0 motherboard instead. The Albatron is nice. The TV out adapter is included and works. The SPDIF adapter is still extra, but instead of one port, has three ports: coax in, coax out, and optical out. My only complaint is that the GPU has a cooling fan that sounds like its about to die.

On the digital video (DVI output) side, I purchased an ATI Radeon 9200 card for $64.50. Together with the Gefen cable, I get crystal-clear output to my TV. While the picture is sharper than anything else, the colors are just not quite right somehow. After doing some checking, I am led to believe that this is because the TV does not auto-correct digital sources the way it does analog. I’m still looking into it. The ATI card is nice, and has a TV out too, so I could always fall back to that if need be. I am using the Free Software DRI drivers for the ATI card.

I’ve had a few problems with the MythTV unit overheating. We put it in a new entertainment center, and occasionally it will do a thermal shutdown to prevent damage. I ordered a nice SilenX power supply to try to move more air through there, and at a quieter volume. I also ordered one of their fans to mount on the entertainment center itself for ventilation.

The high-definition TV has been nice overall, but has exhibited discoloration in one corner. A repairman should be out this week to check it out.

3 thoughts on “MythTV update

  1. It is good to hear that someone has a working system using a radeon, a philips tv, and an hdmi cable. I have had some success, but my images haven’t yet been “crystal clear”. Any chance of getting a copy of xorg or xfree config file?

      1. Unfortunately, I’m using all-nvidia these days, since it has support for hardware-accelerated MPEG decoding (necessary for HDTV), so I no longer have my ATI configs around.

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