Does Kerry Want My Vote?

I had heard through the grapevine that Kerry/Edwards will be traveling through Kansas making campaign stops. But I did not know where or when.

So, I decided to go to to find out information on campaign stops. Nope. They only have information on events that have already happend. John Kerry’s website provides no information on how to actually see the candidate.

I e-mailed them with their Contact Us option asking when Kerry would be in Kansas, and suggesting they put this info on their site. They ignored my message. (They had several days already.)

I then decided to check out the Kerry Blog. Again, lots of stuff about recent events, but nothing about what’s upcoming. I tried to post a comment. It appeared to require that I register, but simply providing my e-mail address and a random password worked. But — despite a successful confirmation message, my comment never appeared.

Then I decided to try Google. I finally found some information from the Kansas Democratic Party, but about only one stop (in Lawrence). It didn’t mention the event I already knew was happening in Kansas City, nor did it say anything about possible events farther west in Kansas. I tried to post a comment, but this blog requires me to go through a time-consuming account creation process first. Also, their post doesn’t even mention the fact that Kerry might not even stop at all. Talk about screwing with people that might drive hours to see him.

So, it seems to me that the Democrats don’t give a damn what the average voter thinks, or even make an attempt to connect with them honestly. Not that the Republicans are any different, mind you. I just hoped that they may have gotten a little bit of a clue from Howard Dean. Sigh.

5 thoughts on “Does Kerry Want My Vote?

  1. Strange. John Kerry and John Edwards are groveling for my vote. It’s quite romantic. And you’d think they’d want yours even more than mine, since I live in Kerrville.

  2. I don’t know… they refuse to answer any e-mail online without a ZIP code, so maybe they knew that I’m not exactly in a swing state, and moreover, that Kansas is likely to go Republican?

    Still, people that aren’t in swing states are citizens too.

  3. I guess it still boggles the mind that the campaign isn’t even bothering to announce where people can see Kerry. I’d have thought this would be plastered on their homepage.

  4. Update: I got an e-mail response back from the Kerry campaign this evening, several days after I originally sent in my query. It appeared to be a form letter, suggesting that I check with a state Kerry campaign or, failing that, a state democratic party. It provided links to neither.

    Apparently I am not the only one with this issue.

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