People Hate Netflix?

A few days ago, I wrote about my thoughts on online DVD rental, and my eventual decision to go with GreenCine.

Browsing around today, I stumbled upon a NetFlix experiences site. Apparently there are a lot of problems with NetFlix, including horrible customer service, tendencies to damage DVDs beyond repair in their warehouse, and generally very bad service. I’m always a little uncertain about stuff like this written more than 6 months ago, because changes can happen in that amount of time, but this site has reports up through last week. The person running the site also keeps a journal that makes interesting reading.

There is also a link to an analysis of the NetFlix DVD selection system, which appears to confirm experiences that many people continue to report to this day.

I somehow doubt I’ll be switching from GreenCine to Netflix anytime soon. And I say that having not yet received my first DVD from them, too! :-)

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